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I haven’t baked anything worth noting in quite some time, so I’m directing you to my friend Nikki’s food blog for a fantastic recipe for pumpkin nutella bread. How creative/amazing is that?!

Happy weekend! I am looking forward to a champagne toast this evening with some wonderful friends. And maybe I’ll actually bake and blog this weekend…


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I really enjoy eating vast quantities of blueberries.  Every morning, I make just enough time before heading into work to pour myself a bowl of Kashi cereal with blueberries and vanilla soy milk. If I don’t have blueberries in my fridge, I don’t even bother. It’s like eating a hamburger without ketchup (pointless).

So you can imagine how angry/sad/bitter I am knowing that the world’s largest collection of fruits and berries is about to be bulldozed to make way for luxury cottages in Russia.

(Full disclosure:  it’s also my day job to dramatically boost public and media awareness of this issue. I have to make sure enough angry influential people are aware of what’s going on so that the Kremlin takes notice and does something to halt this ridiculous demolition.)

The court hearing to determine the fate of Pavlovsk Station is tomorrow. If the real estate developers succeed, thousands of varieties of crops — 90 percent of which are not found anywhere else in the world — will be demolished.

So who cares, right? We live in the US, therefore, we’re untouchable. Whole Foods will always have everything we need to survive.

Wrong. 50, 100, or 200 years from now–if we are, let’s face it, lucky enough to still be on this planet–temperatures are going to be very different, and chances are a lot of the food we eat today and take for granted won’t survive the climate mood swings. Our love affair with monoculture means that we are largely dependent on a single type of any given crop that is, consequently, extremely vulnerable to pests, diseases, floods, droughts…i.e. all of the lovely effects of climate change.

The crop collections at Pavlovsk are anything but monoculture. They possess a host of genetic traits that could be crucial to maintaining productive fruit harvests in really cold or really hot temperatures.

The bottom line is that saving Pavlovsk could determine whether or not I get to have blueberries with my cereal when I’m 80.

If you like food, consider signing this petition.

On a “happy-ignorant-baker” note, I received my new whole-wheat baking cookbook yesterday. Hopefully, I’ll try something out this week.

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