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My friend Katie made an unbelievably delicious heirloom tomato tart last night. Feast your eyes on a photo of the homemade creation, taken just seconds before our dinner group quickly dove in and demolished the entire tart. And yes, that is melt-in-your-mouth Parmesan pepper whole wheat crust.

Katie combined two recipes:  one for the crust, one for the filling. She also substituted fresh basil and garlic for pesto sauce.

The end result: happy, happy eaters.


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Happy Friday.

GUEST BLOG POST ALERT! That’s right. Today’s recipe comes from the kitchen of one of my esteemed colleagues, and I am honored to share this space with her baking presence. Please read on for a recipe from Miss Katy L (and a bonus photo of her new puppy at the end).

NB: ok, so this recipe may be more delicious than healthy, but hey, it’s Friday, and the World Cup is on. You all are drinking beers anyway. Might as well eat a stick of butter.

Have a great weekend.


Submitted by guest baker Katy L.

I learned to bake from my Mom, who, believe it or not, was a home-ec major in college. Yup, for real.  She ended up pursuing other career paths, but her love for butter, chocolate, heavy cream and sugar never ceased.  She taught me that desserts should, at all times, be sweet, rich, and indulgent.  She taught me how to tell the difference between a cookie made with margarine (and how to never eat one), and a proper cookie made with real butter.  She taught me that when it comes to buying chocolate, it’s worth splurging on the good stuff.  My point is that when I make desserts, “low-fat,” “diet,” “skim,” “sugar substitutes,” and “light” go out the window.

So what am I doing here on Megan’s “healthy baking” blog?  Luckily, Megan also thinks you should indulge yourself—once a week anyway.  And I respect that, because that’s what indulgence is really all about, isn’t?  You’re good all week, and then you sink your teeth into something so sweet your teeth hurt, something so rich you can only eat one serving, and you couldn’t possibly appreciate it more.

These aren’t true blondies.  They have chocolate chips in them, so they’re sort of dirty blondies.  The recipe, from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian says you can also throw in butterscotch or peanut butter chips, nuts, fruit, etc.  But I can’t think of any clever names for those, so let’s just go with chocolate chips.


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