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Megan vs. the Kolaczki, Round 1.

Every baker has a day that begins with high hopes and ends in complete disaster. Right? Well, today was mine.

It all began this morning at approx. 10:30 am. C casually mentioned that he had a cook-out tonight and needed to bring dessert. Of course, I immediately volunteered to bake something for him. It seemed like a perfect chance to a) stay inside where it’s cool b) demonstrate my flourishing baking skills and c) tackle the kolaczki. I’ve been craving a sweet cheese kolaczki (pronounced koh-lotch-key, I think) for a couple of weeks, so I found a recipe online and health-ified it a bit. I also made a batch of lemon bars (below) in case the kolaczkis didn’t turn out. Little did I know.

My, how nice and innocent those kolaczkis look. Do do do. Into the oven they go for 12 minutes.


The things just fell apart. Jam ran everywhere. My beloved cookie tray turned into a bloody battlefield. Well, that’s actually because I gently attacked the cookies with a fork in a fit of disbelieving anger before chucking them in the bin. A bit over the top, maybe, but I felt betrayed.

So. Today I learned that baking sucks when you fail miserably. However, once the initial shock wears off, failing can lead to perseverance: I am now determined to make the best damn kolaczki cookies in the world.

Until then.


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